Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Tale of Tubs, Boxes, Plastic Wrap, and Demolition

Tubs of checked in materials waitign to be delivered to Bethesda.
Tubs of Checked In Materials Waiting
to be Delivered to Bethesda.
The past three weeks have seen a variety of activity take place leading up to the beginning of actual construction. While most of our staff have spent the time acclimating to their new temporary branches, the management team, office clerk, and several library pages spent their time trying to check in and shelve as many of the returned or new library materials from our daily deliveries as they could before the shelves became inaccessible prior to the start of renovations. Many items had to be boxed because of space constraints or because the shelving in those areas was removed to prepare for construction. In those cases, staff needed to be able to get as many boxes filled and moved out of the building to storage as quickly as possible so that they wouldn't get in the way of construction work. In addition, staff processed dozens of holds and contacted customers about redirecting them to other branches. Nearly 150 tubs of returned items, new items, and holds were processed in these three weeks!

The shelves have been wrapped to keep materials from getting dusty during construction.
The Shelves Have Been Wrapped.
Carpeting being removed from the rear of the library.
Carpeting Being Removed From the Rear of the Library.
The library staff haven't been the only ones busy in the building. Just before Labor Day, crews removed carpeting and tiles from the staff area of the building. This past week, all of the shelving in the public area was wrapped in plastic to keep all materials dust-free during construction. As soon as that was finished, the contractors began removing carpeting, starting at the rear of the building. Work was also begun to complete the preparatory work necessary before the roof is completely replaced later on in the construction process.

Public Restroom Demolished.
The information desk has been removed.
The Information Desk Is Gone!
Sometimes, in order to construct new things, one must deconstruct the old ones. Such was the case in two key areas of the building, the public restrooms and the service desks. The restrooms are now just shells of their old selves and are nothing but studs and insulation. The information and circulation service desks have been demolished in preparation for the new desks that will include sit/stand workstations for staff.

The circulation desk has been removed.
The Circulation Desk Is Gone Too!
Stay tuned for our next exciting installment later this month! And, in the meantime, please make sure to change the pick-up location for any holds you may still have coming to Bethesda.  That will help avoid any further delays in getting a long-awaited copy of A Gentleman in MoscowGlass Houses, or whatever your next must-read title is, into your hands.

Nancy Benner,
Branch Manager